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Easily add the read·a·bit payment button to your page. It works everywhere.

From static webpages to blogging platforms, your content is secure with us and you don't have to worry about processing transactions or keeping track of your users' accounts.

See it in action.

1 - Bring in your content

You can user the editor in our app or just copy-and-paste it right from your blog or webpage.

2 - Set the price

You can go as low as 0.001 BTC. read·a·bit's processing fee is 10%, but any transaction below 0.0012 BTC is entirely free of charge.

3 - Embed the payment button

Then we can generate a button code for you. Just put it in place where your content would be - it integrates seamlesly with your page.

Works with almost all digital content platforms, including:




And many more!

Readers have it easy.

Buying with read·a·bit is as simple as it gets. Neither Coinbase, nor read·a·bit account is required.

1 - Just Push the Button

... and read·a·bit window appears. From there you can choose to sign up, so we can save your purchases and restore it later. Or proceed without registering if you don't want to be bothered.

2 - Pay with Coinbase

And this time you don't need an account either! You can pay with Bitcoins saved in your Coinbase wallet or send it from anywhere else through the Blockchain.

3 - That's it!

Once the payment is verified (and you don't have to wait for Blockchain confirmations) you can enjoy the article. Oh, and anytime you come back for it, it will be already there!

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